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The University of Colorado Cancer Center in Denver is one of just 45 elite Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the entire country and the only one in Colorado. We're known worldwide for developing and setting new standards in the treatment of many types of cancer. What does this mean? It means our patients gain the benefit of groundbreaking research and clinical trials and providing access to those trials to all of the communities we serve. And, of course, it means they get exemplary patient care. Our 5-year cancer outcomes far outpace state averages as well as those of many other cancer centers in the U.S.

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Identification and Management of Women with Elevated Breast Cancer Risk

Colleen Murphy, MD, FACS University of Colorado Breast Surgical Oncologist discusses the identification and management of women who are at high-risk for breast cancer.

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Diane O'Connor Thompson Breast Center at the University of Colorado Cancer Center

February 23, 2016

Women and men who have been diagnosed with new or recurrent breast cancer can become overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive and the decisions they must make. We help guide patients through this process in our multidisciplinary breast-cancer clinic.

Diane O'Connor Thompson Breast Center - Anschutz

February 23, 2016

From initial testing to post-treatment follow-ups, your cancer and women's health team at the Breast Center at University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver will be with you every step of the way.

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Breast Cancer Services

At the CU Cancer Center at University of Colorado Hospital, our patients have access to clinical teams assembled specifically for each type of cancer-and we bring these specialists to you, often at one location and in one visit.

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