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Diane O'Connor Thompson Breast Center at the University of Colorado Cancer Center


Women and men who have been diagnosed with new or recurrent breast cancer can become overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive and the decisions they must make. We help guide patients through this process in our multidisciplinary breast-cancer clinic.

As the only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region, we offer the most comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for breast-cancer treatment. We provide the following services in one location during a single clinic visit:

  • Review of mammograms and other images by a breast radiologist
  • Review of all biopsy and surgical material by a breast pathologist
  • Consultation with a surgical oncologist
  • Consultation with a medical oncologist
  • Consultation with a radiation oncologist

During your visit, all members of your treatment team meet together to discuss your unique circumstances. The entire team works together to provide you with a plan to best treat your breast cancer.