Burn and Frostbite Consults

Ongoing Research at the University of Colorado Burn Center

Randomized Trial of Enteral Glutamine to Minimize Thermal Injury – Re-Energize

Epicel, Cultured Epidermal Autographs (CEA) HDE #9900002

Burn Trauma and Infection: Mechanisms By Which Inhalation Exacerbates Burn Injury-Induced Pulmonary Pathology

Comparative Evaluation of “Conventional” and Physiochemical Assessments of Acid-Base Metabolism in Burn and Trauma Patients

Validation of LBNP model of central volume loss in burn patients

A multicenter, multinational, randomized, controlled, assessor blinded study, performed in subjects with thermal burns, to evaluate the efficacy and safety of NexoBrid compared to Gel Vehicle, and compared to Standard of Care

A Goniometry Paradigm Shift to Measure Burn Scar Contracture in Burn Patients

Analyzing the Effectiveness of NDRP in Severe Burn Injury

Ambulation in the Adult Burn Population: Perception versus Actuality

RETROSPECTIVE Alteplase in the Treatment of Acute Frostbite Injury: Institution of Protocol and Outcomes

* More projects currently pending